Citrine Stones

Citrine is a beautiful and popular gemstone known for its warm golden color. It is a variety of quartz that ranges in color from pale yellow to deep amber. As a vibrant and radiant crystal, Citrine is highly sought after for its beauty and metaphysical properties. When purchasing Citrine stones online, there are several platforms to consider. One popular option is Onestep Gems.
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An online marketplace that connects buyers with independent sellers. On Onestep Gems, you can find a wide variety of Citrine stones, including raw crystals, tumbled stones, Citrine jewelry, and more. Sellers often provide detailed descriptions, images, and information about the source and quality of the stones. It's important to read through the descriptions carefully to ensure you're getting the type of Citrine stone you desire. 

Many physical crystal shops also have online stores where you can purchase Citrine stones. These shops often provide detailed information about the stones, including their properties, sizes, and origins. Examples of such crystal shops with online stores include Energy Muse and Healing Crystals. By visiting their websites, you can explore a wide range of Citrine stones and select the ones that resonate with you.

Additionally, there are gemstone-specific websites that specialize in selling crystals and gemstones. These websites often have a wide variety of Citrine stones to choose from, ranging from small tumbled stones to larger, high-quality specimens. Healing Crystals For You is an example of a website that offers a variety of Citrine stones with detailed descriptions and images.

When buying Citrine stones online, it's crucial to pay attention to the product descriptions, quality, and authenticity. Look for clear and accurate images that represent the actual stone you'll receive. Read customer reviews to get insights into the quality and customer satisfaction. Verify the credibility of the seller or website, ensuring they have a good reputation for providing genuine and high-quality Citrine stones.

Before finalizing your purchase, take note of the return policy and shipping details. Understand the terms and conditions in case you need to return or exchange the stone. Ensure that the seller or website provides secure packaging and reliable shipping methods to protect your purchase during transit.

By considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can confidently buy Citrine stones online and add this beautiful crystal to your collection or use it for its metaphysical properties.

What is Citrine Stone?

The name "citrine" comes from the French word "citron," meaning lemon, due to its yellow color. Citrine is a type of quartz that ranges in color from pale yellow to deep amber. It is formed when amethyst, another variety of quartz, undergoes heat treatment. 


Citrine is a variety of quartz that typically ranges in color from pale yellow to golden yellow, although it can also be found in shades of orange-brown. The color is often the result of heat treatment of amethyst or smoky quartz. Natural citrine is quite rare and is typically lighter in color than the heat-treated variety. Citrine has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a relatively durable gemstone. 

Citrine Types

Citrine is a variety of quartz that gets its yellow color from the presence of iron in its crystal structure. Citrine is typically classified into three types based on its color and how it was formed:

  1. Natural Citrine: This type of citrine is formed naturally in the earth and has a pale to medium yellow color. Natural citrine is quite rare and is often more valuable than the other types.

  2. Heat-treated Citrine: This type of citrine is actually amethyst that has been heat-treated to turn it yellow. Heat-treated citrine is very common and is often sold as "citrine" even though it is technically amethyst.

  3. Smoky Citrine: This type of citrine is a combination of smoky quartz and citrine. It has a yellowish-brown color and is also quite common.


Citrine Uses

Citrine has been used for various purposes throughout history. Here are some common uses of citrine:

  1. Jewelry: Citrine's beautiful yellow color makes it a popular gemstone for jewelry. It is often used in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

  2. Feng Shui: Citrine is a popular stone in Feng Shui because it is believed to bring wealth and abundance. It is often placed in the wealth corner of a home or office.

  3. Healing: Citrine is thought to have healing properties and is used by some people for various physical and emotional ailments. It is believed to stimulate digestion, promote metabolism, and help with issues related to the spleen and pancreas.

  4. Decorative Objects: Citrine is often used as a decorative object in homes and offices. It can be used as a paperweight, bookend, or simply placed on a shelf for its aesthetic appeal.

  5. Spiritual Practices: Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra and is believed to help balance this chakra. It is also used in meditation and is believed to help with manifestation and attracting abundance.


Citrine healing properties

Citrine is believed to have various healing properties by some people who follow alternative medicine and holistic healing practices. Here are some of the commonly attributed healing properties of citrine:
  1. Promoting Energy and Vitality: Citrine is believed to have an energizing effect on the body and mind. It is believed to help promote vitality, boost energy levels, and alleviate feelings of lethargy and fatigue.

  2. Stimulating Digestion and Metabolism: Citrine is believed to have a positive effect on the digestive system. It is believed to help stimulate digestion and metabolism, and may help alleviate digestive issues such as bloating and constipation.

  3. Alleviating Depression and Anxiety: Citrine is believed to have a calming effect on the emotions. It is believed to help alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety, and may promote a more positive outlook on life.

  4. Supporting the Immune System: Citrine is believed to have immune-boosting properties. It is believed to help support the immune system and may help prevent and alleviate illnesses and infections.

  5. Attracting Wealth and Abundance: Citrine is often associated with abundance and prosperity. It is believed to help attract wealth and abundance into one's life, and may help improve financial well-being.